Blood Wedding - Blood Wedding Themes of Choice and...

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Blood Wedding: Themes of Choice and Deception By James Kowalski Blood Wedding is a story of deception and an example of how personal choice greatly affects one’s outcome. In Federico Garcia Lorca’s play Blood Wedding the main characters all face conflict and their methodology for dealing with it was heavily affected by personal pride and greed. In the end, pride and greed would lead the characters to destruction. The mother of the boy clearly had reservations about her son marrying the girl. When the mother found out that the girl was once with Leonardo, one of the Felixes, she further disliked the idea. Furthermore, the neighbor informed her that the girl’s mother”didn’t care a thing about her husband” (219). The boy’s mother had every reason to have reservations about the wedding, but she never directly told her son what she knew. Why does the mother choose to let her son go through with what appeared to be a doomed marriage? The mother’s own personal desire for grandchildren is too strong. She twice brings up her want for as many grandchildren as possible
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Blood Wedding - Blood Wedding Themes of Choice and...

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