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MIST 2090/2190H – Midterm Practice Exam The exam will be closed-book, closed-notes, closed friends and neighbor. It will be administered using an exam question booklet and a scantron. BRING A #2 PENCIL. The use of notes, other persons, electronic communications or any other aids will be prohibited. The only people you may ask/use for help or clarification is the instructor or one of the proctors. You will be held to the standards of the UGA “Culture of Honesty” academic honesty policy. The following questions are meant to be samples of the types of questions to be asked on the midterm. The Midterm may include questions from any material presented in class or assigned in readings up until and including the class of Feb 21. Materials covered include Chapters 1 through 4 and Field Guide A, B, and C in the textbook; videos such as the Warriors of the Net Video, class activities such as the Team Case Exercises, the Survival Game, and the Outcome Frame Model; and any additional material provided by your instructor. The questions here are not an exhaustive collection of this material but a sampling meant to give you a taste of the exam. DO NOT memorize answers. Instead UNDERSTAND the questions and the answers provided. The answers are indicated using hidden text. Use Word help to figure out how you can view these answers. 1. The University of Georgia’s policy about academic honesty is called: a. The Academic Honesty Guide b. Cheaters Never Prosper c. A Culture of Honesty d. None of the above 2. An example of primary memory is (a/an) ______. a. Floppy disk b. Hard Drive c. RAM d. REM e. None of the above 3. You’ve completed an ATM transaction at a touch-screen ATM (standard in Athens). The screen displays questions like the “Would you like to continue?” question and takes actions based on which buttons you press (for example, Yes or No). In this case the ATM screen functions as a/an ______ device(s)?
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This note was uploaded on 05/08/2008 for the course MIST 2090 taught by Professor Piercy during the Spring '08 term at University of Georgia Athens.

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MIST_2090_Practice_MidTerm[1] - MIST 2090/2190H Midterm...

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