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HIST 3350 Name:________________________ Exam #2 (please print) For those who turned in a paper on the works of Rousseau and Goethe, your instructor will choose two questions from the following pool at exam time. For those students who did not turn in a paper, your instructor will choose one question from the pool, and the Rousseau-Goethe question is mandatory. Each question is worth fifty (50) points. An essay written upon a question not selected will receive a zero. A good response will demonstrate a concrete knowledge of names , events , date , and sequence . An excellent response will demonstrate that, plus an understanding of the relevant short- and/or long-term historical themes. 1. Detail, compare, and contrast absolutism as it developed in Russia, Austria, and Prussia. What impediments did these respective monarchies face in attempting to impose their rule? What methods did they use to further their interests? How successful were they, as compared to France? 2.
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