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HIST 3350 Name:________________________ Exam #1 (please print) Students will answer two essay questions. For those who will turn in a paper on the works of de Lafayette and de Sévigné, your instructor will choose two questions from the following pool at exam time. For those students who will not turn in a paper, your instructor will choose one question from the pool, and the Lafayette-Sévigné question is mandatory. Each question is worth fifty (50) points. An essay written upon a question not selected will receive a zero. A good response will demonstrate a concrete knowledge of names, events, date, and sequence. An excellent response will demonstrate that, as well as an understanding of the relevant short- and/or long-term historical themes. 1. The Protestant Reformation and Catholic Counter-Reformation provoked a wave of politico-religious wars across the 1500s and early 1600s. What were the Habsburg-Valois Wars and how were they related to these larger confrontations? How did internal warfare affect France itself? What were the chief causes of these French Wars of Religion? Who
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