PSYC 230Study guide for exam 3

PSYC 230Study guide for exam 3 - Study guide for exam 3...

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Study guide for exam 3 Chapters 7 and 8 Psychology 230 - Statistics Spring, 2008 Hypothesis testing with z, and t scores Describe the logic of when we reject the null hypothesis What is the relationship between the observed statistic and critical statistic? - Describe the similarities and differences between the z and t sampling distributions Both benefit from the central limit theorem- truly random influences and a large number of influences combined make a normal curve. As N becomes larger, the distribution of sample means approaches normality, with the overall mean approaching the theoretical population mean. both are bell shaped and symmetrical so we can complete one or two- tailed tests both z and t have a mean of zero the shape of the t sampling distribution is very sensitive to small sample sizes, so we need df to find regions of the curve (and scores) be able to find critical t-scores on the table on page 671 How does the variability change in a t-distribution as the sample size increases? Larger sample less variability What is a point estimate? Describe the pros and cons relative to confidence intervals Point estimates are a more specific estimation, but less likely to be exactly right Confidence intervals are more general (range of scores), but more likely to
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PSYC 230Study guide for exam 3 - Study guide for exam 3...

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