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INDV 101 structure study guide 2

INDV 101 structure study guide 2 - Psychological Disorders...

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Psychological Disorders How do we define Psychological Disorders (4 requirements) 1) Unusual for that person’s culture 2) Disturbing to that person 3) Maladaptive (dysfunctional) 4) Danger to themselves or others Medical Model DSM - IV Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (What is it for - what does it not tell you about disorders?) Labeling Disorders Pros: Helps to develop a vocabulary Helps to define disorders Cons: Self-fulfilling prophesy Discrimination (housing, jobs) Rosenhan (1973) How did Evelyn Hooker's research help to change the DSM? Proved that homosexuality wasn’t a psychological disorder. Describe the five general categories of psychological disorders and the subcategories of each and be able to describe each disorder and some factors that may cause it 1) Schizophrenia Auditory hallucinations, delusions, disorganized thinking, word salad, inappropriate thoughts. Is Schizophrenia the same thing as dissociative identity disorder? NO What factors affect the likelihood of developing schizophrenia? 1-100 2) Anxiety Disorder: Generalized anxiety disorder- continually tense worried, and aroused. Phobias – Persistent irrational fear or avoidance. Obsessive-compulsive disorder – obsession is the mental compulsion is the act Post-traumatic stress disorder- characterized by nightmares, flashbacks, social withdrawal, overwhelming sense of fear, usually brought on by traumatic event . What are panic attacks? Intense feelings that something horrible is going to happen 3) Dissociative Disorders: Dissociative Identity disorder - When a person exhibits more than one distinct personality. Dissociative fugue - Memory loss of identity and leaving one’s home. Dissociative amnesia - Selective memory loss due to extreme stress.
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4) Mood Disorders: Major depressive disorder - Characterized by feelings of sadness, worthlessness, apathy. Sever rather than acute. Bipolar disorder - Characterized by alternating between hopelessness and low energy to overexcited mania. Mania is extreme levels of happy or ‘up’ What is the depressive cycle? 5) Personality disorders: 1) Antisocial personality disorder (sociopath or psychopath): absolute lack of conscience (right or wrong) or remorse (even for friends) 2) Borderline personality disorder: Unstable sense of self, report feelings of emptiness
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INDV 101 structure study guide 2 - Psychological Disorders...

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