Love Actually Movie Summary

Love Actually Movie Summary - "Love Actually"...

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Love Actually Love Actually is one of the best romantic comedies that is currently being produced. All of the main characters in the movie seem to weave their way into each other’s lives. The movie’s main twelve characters all have the same intention: to find their true love or to embrace the meaningful relationship they are involved in. In the opening of the movie, the narrator explains that love is everywhere and is always in existence. Whether love is found between a husband and wife; a boyfriend and girlfriend; or between old friends; love is all around us. The narrator references the passengers onboard the airplane when they crashed into the Twin Towers to illustrate how strong the emotion of love is. He says that in the last few minutes of the passengers’ lives, they called their family members with messages of love and not hate or regret. Whenever the narrator is feeling low, he references the arrivals terminal of London- Heathrow airport. All of the people within the crowd seem to be wearing smiles and giving hugs to the ones they have been away from so long. The movie’s setting is present-day England. The first character we meet is Jamie, a good looking, sincere gentleman who is an aspiring novelist. His partner is feeling under the weather and is sick in bed. Reluctantly, he leaves her briefly to attend his friend’s wedding a few blocks down the corner. The wedding is over sooner than Jamie expected and he comes home early. After entering the flat, he is surprised to find his brother inside. Jamie tells his brother that they should both visit their mother more and then questions why is he is there. Jamie’s girlfriend—still out of sight in the bedroom— calls for his brother in a seductive manner. Jamie instantly realizes that his girlfriend has been sleeping with his brother and moves to France temporarily to escape heartache. When he arrives at his cottage in France, he is introduced to his Portuguese housekeeper, Auriela. Jamie is instantly drawn to Auriela, however she does not speak English and his knowledge of the Portuguese language is weak. Without using words the pair is able to communicate frequently and accurately with each other by facial expression and hand gestures. As Christmas nears, the relationship between the two begins to get stronger. On afternoon when Jamie is outside in the backyard producing his novel, a gust of wind comes by and blows all of his work into the lake. Feeling like it is her responsibility, Auriela strips down to her under-garments and dives into the lake to rescue the papers. Jamie demands that she stop and tells her the papers are not worth going after, but she continues toward the water and Jamie follows. Later in the day when Jamie is driving Auriela home, he tells her that this is his favorite part of the day because
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Love Actually Movie Summary - "Love Actually"...

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