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Maier The Delight of Love Over a period of time, the concept of love has remained the same; however, the way one goes about achieving love has differed. The dictionary clearly defines the term as an intense emotional attachment between two individuals (“Love”). Stories with an abundance of love and fulfillment have always been of interest to readers since the earliest pieces of literature. In the late 1800’s, Oscar Wilde wrote a comedy of manners play featuring two fashionably young men seeking love. In the more modern film Love Actually , Richard Curtis tells the story of diversified individuals on a conquest to find love and marriage. In both collections, the director and author exhibit relationships of love, but the motivations, durations, requirements, and outcomes differ. In the Victorian class system, members were strictly required to marry and develop relations strictly with those who belonged within their own social class (“Victorian Ages”). In The Importance of Being Earnest, Jack and Algernon are prime examples of men who are willing to do anything for love. In act one, Jack asked for Gwendolen’s hand in marriage, but is denied permission by her mother. Jack was willing to do anything for Gwendolen, including changing his name to Ernest in the second act to satisfy her. After hearing details about Cecily, Algernon is dying to meet her in act two. He copied the address that Jack gave Gwendolen onto his shirt cuff and travels there soon after. After arriving, Algernon pretended to be Jack’s brother and introduced himself to Cecily as Ernest. As Algernon proclaimed his love and affection for Cecily, she copied down his words in verbatim into her diary. Even though this was their first time meeting, Cecily had already imagined out their courtship and wedding. In addition, she even 1
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Maier wrote letters to herself from him. Because Cecily knew him only by the name of Ernest, Algernon decided to be rechristened as Ernest in addition to Jack. Everything was going smoothly for the two newly engaged men, until confusion broke out between Cecily and Gwendolen and the men had to reveal their true identities at the end of the second act. Cecily and Gwendolen call off their engagements to the men and head inside the home.
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MacbethLoveActually - Maier 1 The Delight of Love Over a...

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