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Vietnam paper - Zach Hudson Hist 199a Professor Feeney 7...

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Zach Hudson Hist 199a Professor Feeney 7 May 2008 Containment, Lies, and Determination United States involvement in Southeast Asia was a long and complicated process. It began with the Truman doctrine’s assertions of containment and it continued because of various presidents’ inability to admit defeat. The war was an extension of domestic insecurities and the lies perpetuated by the federal government about the progress of American objectives in Vietnam enhanced those insecurities thus polarizing the nation. The American public turned on the war after continued deceit by a string of presidential administrations and news of continued failures overseas. As the government sought to suppress antiwar views protesters became more radical and turned many of the so-called “Silent Majority” creating a political tension that still exists in the United States. As the war drew to a close it became apparent that the North Vietnamese were unyielding in their desire to unite Vietnam under one government. Had U.S. officials been willing to acknowledge the steadfast determination of the Viet Cong and the North Vietnamese many of the war’s losses would have been averted. The war in Vietnam could not have been won without the total annihilation of the North Vietnamese and their Viet Cong allies. Their desire to have one Vietnam proved far superior to American troops desire to stem the flow of communism. Containment, lies and determination-these words effectively sum up U.S.
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Vietnam paper - Zach Hudson Hist 199a Professor Feeney 7...

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