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-1 Criminology Reaction Paper Dead Man Walking_________________________________________________ In 1982, Sister Helen Prejean began to correspond with a death row inmate at Louisiana State Penitentiary in Angola, Elmo Patrick Sonnier . When she first writes to Patrick, the condemned killer of two teenagers, this modest Catholic nun from a middle class Louisiana family is completely unprepared for what will develop. As Sister Helen’s relationship with Patrick intensifies, she begins to understand and see his heart. Sister Helen unveils the frightened man underneath the surface of the remorseful killer and becomes more and more troubled not only by the brutal conditions of his imprisonment but also by the intense affliction he suffers during the endless await of his execution. She also sees the moral dilemmas that the governor, public officials, wardens, and guards went through while following the procedures for executions. It troubled her to know what they believed versus what they had to do. Sister Helen soon learns the alarming truth about the death penalty's lopsided cost in resources and money, and how unstable and sometimes muddled the justice system can be. Her involvement quickly guides her to question how society could benefit from fighting violence with violence. While
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DeadManWalking - Criminology Reaction Paper Dead Man...

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