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Week 6 slides - communication

Week 6 slides - communication - The Leader as Communicator...

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Unformatted text preview: The Leader as Communicator Why Is Communication So Important? Do We Have a Communication Problem Here? "I don't want to hear your excuses. Just get those planes in the air," Jim Tuchman was screaming at his gate manager. As head of American Airlines' operations at the Mexico City airport, Tuchman has been consistently frustrated by the attitude displayed by his native employees. Transferred from Dallas to Mexico City only three months ago, Tuchman was having difficulty adjusting to the Mexican style of work. "Am I critical of these people? You bet I am! They do not listen when I talk. They think things are just fine and fight every change I suggest, and they have no appreciation for the importance of keeping on schedule." If Tuchman is critical of his Mexico City staff, it is mutual. They universally dislike him. Here's a few anonymous comments made about their boss: "He is totally insensitive to our needs." "He thinks if he yells and screams, that things will improve. We do not see it that way." "I have been working here for four years. Before he came here, this was a good place to work. Not anymore. I am constantly in fear of being chewed out. I feel stress all the time, even at home. My husband has started commenting on it a lot." Tuchman was brought in specifically to tighten up the Mexico City operation. High on his list of goals is improving American's on-time record in Mexico City, increasing productivity, and improving customer service. When Tuchman was asked if he thought he had any problems with his staff, he replied, "Yep. We just can't seem to communicate." American Airlines & Jim Tuchman What's going wrong? Where is the problem? What factors do we need to consider? What are the possible solutions? The Communication Process Encoding Message Channel Message Decoding Source NOISE! Feedback Receiver Channel Richness Low channel richness High channel richness Routine Nonroutine EXHIBIT 107 Choice of Communication Channel Channel Richness Richest Type of Message Ambiguous Information Medium Face-to-face talk Telephone Electronic mail Memos, letters Flyers, bulletins, reports Leanest Routine Nonverbal Communication Body Motions Body Language Facial Expressions Tone of Voice Paralinguistics Pacing and Pitch Filtering Selective Perception Defensiveness Barriers to Effective Communication Information Overload Language Apprehension Providing Effective Feedback Focus on specific behaviors Keep feedback impersonal Keep feedback goal-oriented Make feedback well-timed Ensure understanding Direct negative feedback toward behavior that is controllable by the recipient Semantics Word Connotations Barriers to Cross-Cultural Communication Tone Differences Perception Differences Cross-Cultural Communication Guidelines Assume differences until similarity is proven Emphasize description rather than interpretation or evaluation Practice empathy Treat your interpretations as working hypotheses Summary and Implications: Communication Communication & Employee Satisfaction The less uncertainty, the greater the satisfaction Distortions, ambiguities, and incongruities all increase uncertainty Less Distortion in Communication equals More goal attainment, and better feedback Reduction in ambiguity and distortion Summary & Implications: Communication Ambiguity between verbal and nonverbal communiqus increase uncertainty and reduce satisfaction The goal of perfect communication is unattainable The issue of communication is critical to motivation & leadership Team Case Analysis Develop and practice analytical and decision-making skills Apply OB theories & principles in a well reasoned manner Syllabus for details Grading Rubric on Bbd Questions? Due April 11th in BRI 306 by 3 pm Midterm Preparation Reading, Discussion & Lecture Material Multiple Choice & Short Essay Use lectures as a guide to what's important from the textbook "Closed Everything" Exam ...
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