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Wait In Line Management - • MD1: deterministic/constant...

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Wait In Line Management: Lambda = Arrival rate (average) Mu = Service rate Row = Utilization Lq=Nl: average number of customers waiting in line o how long is the line always solve in hours Ls=Ns: average number of customers in the system Wq=Tl: average time a customer spends waiting in line (one) Ws=Ts: average time a customer spends in the system (one) Two Models o Bank-MMS o Supermarket-MM1 MM1: memoryless exponential service times/memoryless poisson arrivals
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Unformatted text preview: • MD1: deterministic/constant service times/poisson arrivals • MMK: exponential service times/poisson arrivals • Ca: coefficient of variation of interarrival times (Sigma/Mu) • Cs: coefficient of service times o 1: exponential o 0: constant o ? : sigma must be given Key Words: If service time is “EXACTLY” than deterministic...
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