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-1Criminology Notes Prosecution wants: Defense wants: No one wants an unbiased jury Change of Venue → requested only by Defense A change of venue is the legal term for moving a trial to a new location. In high-profile matters, a change of venue may occur to move a jury trial away from a location where a fair and impartial jury may not be possible due to widespread publicity about a crime and/or its defendant (s) to another community in order to obtain jurors who can be more objective in their duties. This change may be a few towns away, or across the state. i.e. – no DA in Boulder opposed to Arapahoe County with DA and Republican/Conservative society Jury Duty – →Found through Drivers License and Car registrations Witherspoon v. Illinois , ( 1968 ), was a U.S. Supreme Court case where the court was asked to decide whether a state statute providing the state unlimited challenge for cause of jurors who might have any objection to the death penalty . The court decided that the statute, in effect, gave too much bias in favor of the prosecution. The Court said, Whatever else might be said of capital punishment, it is at least clear that its imposition by a hanging jury cannot be squared with the Constitution. The State of Illinois has stacked the deck against the
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Criminologytestnotes - Criminology Notes Juries & Jury...

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