Class 04 Outline

Class 04 Outline - CS162: P RESIDENTIAL C OMMUNICATION Tim...

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Unformatted text preview: CS162: P RESIDENTIAL C OMMUNICATION Tim Groeling ( ) Class 4: Modern Media Environment Please turn off your cell phone ringers Announcements Im gone Weds, but youre here. Alexandra Pelosis documentary about the 2004 primary election. Weds honor section is also meeting (signups and assignments) PTEs for honors sections: Given out at meeting times EXCEPT for Friday section, which will be given out today after class. Note that technically, CS162 students are in the Friday section (even if attending a different one). The Mayfower Decision 1941: Made life even simpler: FCC ordered that a radio broadcaster and his station should be allowed neither to editorialize nor to take a stand on any controversial matter. Reaction to Boston Mayor getting favorable coverage from local radio station. Used license renewal authority to enforce decision License was highly protable, so stations feared losing them. Generally self-censored, rather than direct govt intervention. Initially, long speeches were broadcast After novelty wore off, started charging for air time. Also harder to keep audience attention. Used music, song, and testimony in shorter segments, but at one point prohibited from dramatization Became increasingly important and central to the campaigns with each election Newsreel ads: One major strength... very captive audience, in addition to visuals....
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Class 04 Outline - CS162: P RESIDENTIAL C OMMUNICATION Tim...

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