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1Chris Manzo Journal Questions What’s Your Name, Girl? 1. What is the theme of Maya Angelou’s Story? The theme of Maya Angelou’s story is how much a name can mean to a person. 2. Which technique is she using to make her point? Maya uses an example of when she fought for her name. She also tells why African- Americans hate being called other names. They were given names during slavery and had to respond to them. 3. How did you get your name? My name was given to my because it was my grandfathers name and to remember him. My Father’s Life 1. What do you call your father? Why? I call my father Dad, This is just what I have always called him and what my brother calls him. Shooting an Elephant 1. What does the elephant symbolize? The elephant symbolizes how the town was wrecked and people were killed so easily. 2. What shows Orwell is superior to the Burmese? Orwell is superior because he can kill, it shows he has power. 3. Can you find any racist language in Orwell’s story? Orwell calls the Burmese people yellow faces as a racist slur. 4. Does Orwell’s situation make you recall similar situations were others have forced you to do something you really didn’t want to do? One time I didn’t want to go to a party because there was people drinking there but I was not driving and we were already out so the driver went to the party and I had to stay there till they wanted to leave even though I didn’t want to be there.
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Salvation 1. What does this story tell us about the difference between children and adults? Children take things literally. When they told the boy he will see light he thought he
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journals - Chris Manzo Journal Questions What's Your Name,...

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