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437 notes 2 "Monologue" and Invisible Cities

437 notes 2 "Monologue" and Invisible Cities -...

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437 notes 2 April 22, 2008 If interested in Proust, there are great graphic novels to look at. While not quite as accurate as they should be, does a pretty good job! Next week is last class….get last two papers need to be in by then. Teacher evaluations are in next week. Also material for final exam will be given out next week, including an essay question, in advance—can either take notes and write for an hour in class (total exam time is 2 hours and 45 minutes), or write 1000 words processed (no more than 1000) and hand it in, at the beginning of final….then only 1:45 minutes….will have to leave at 9:15! Cannot get the questions without coming to class next week. Course paper will be due next Friday by e-mail. Exam is on May 15. Last exam day. “Monologue” Simone De Beauvoir Why is this set in the period of new years eve and new year’s day? Very bitter and nasty monologue…why does it make sense during this time frame? New years eve is usually a celebration—one where you are with a group of people and emphasizing relationships (both romantic and friendship). New years eve, looking forward usually…but Murielle is obsessed with the past and resentful of the past. This is a party time, and she is not at the party? What do we get out of that? Superstitions that the people you spend new year’s eve with are usually the people you spend the year with…she has driven people away from her. She has this false image of herself that she is very popular, and everybody likes her—in fact, in reality, the fact that she is alone is driving home the fact that she is not the image she has of herself at all. Most important image we get is that she was really this terrific mother, however one daughter killed herself and son is being raised by father, who sees her as unfit. So painful truth, is that she really isn’t the mother of the year. She blames everybody for everything, and she justifies all of her actions—does not take responsibility for anything. She represses her daughter’s suicide and only really find out about it till the end of the monologue
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Repudiation of the image of herself as better than anybody else. She is stuck in the past, instead of looking toward the future. New Years is associated with making resolutions, and so we must wonder what future she plans for herself. Suggests that she should be looking for the future, but her 4am phone call, we see that she is trying to look towards the future---but in a very negative way and in the sense that the future isn’t looking too good.
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