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Communication 101 STUDY GUIDE TO EXAM 2 Chapter 6, Movies/Lecture of April 16 Understand early movie technology, including peep shows, Kinetoscope and Nickelodeons, and the early movie industry, including The Trust. Understand development of modern motion pictures, including technical achievements, relocation to California, development of the star system, transition into the Talkies, key early films (e.g., The Birth of a Nation, The Jazz Singer), and development of successful genres (e.g., horror films, screwball comedies). How did introduction of television transform the movie industry? Understand past and current issues regarding technology and copyright affecting the movie industry. Also understand the size of the movie industry, both in the U.S. and internationally. For modern films, understand production, distribution, publicity and promotion, and exhibition of films. What are characteristics of the viewing audience for films? What are some negative effects of viewing films? How does the movie rating system work? Chapter 7, Music, Recordings/Lecture of April 21 Understand early recording technology, including the phonograph, the gramophone, and differences between cylinders and discs for recording. Understand the influences of commercial radio and a push for high-fidelity music recordings. Who were important artists in development and popularity of rock and roll? How did they influence the music? Understand various formats that recorded music has come in, including vinyl, magnetic tape
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STUDY GUIDE TO EXAM 2 - Communication 101 STUDY GUIDE TO...

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