Challenge1 - Quality Redesign 1 Running Head: REDESIGN FOR...

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Quality Redesign 1 Running Head: REDESIGN FOR PRODUCT QUALITY Challenge 1: Redesign Household Blinds for Better Quality Michele Maciejewski Ithaca College
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Quality Redesign 2 There are many household items that beg to be redesigned. Much of the time, the objects are right under a person’s nose and the “life-saving” correction is simpler than first believed. I chose to critique and redesign a common household blind system. The flaws in this object have been plaguing me for over a decade. The goal of this project was to make the blinds easier to use while taking into consideration aesthetic and economic quality. The system’s purpose is to allow the user to change the amount of light that filters into the room. It also serves as a barrier between the people and objects contained in a room and the outside world or even another room. The original system (pictured left) is made up of several different functions that interact with one another. The windowsill acts as a frame for the blinds. The blinds fit into the frame with the aid of metal bolts that fasten the system in place at the top. The top of the blinds is a case where the individual, plastic blind strips ascend to when letting light and a view in. The blind strips encompass the majority of the space and work with two different pieces of the system. The plastic blind turner attachment allows the strips to turn either up or down. Depending upon the model and manufacturer, the plastic stick will rotate to the right and force the blinds to turn up and stream light to the ceiling or it may turn to the left. Similarly, the stick can be rotated to the left, or right, and allow light to stream downward, illuminating the room’s floor. The cloth blind pulley drags the blind strips up into the blind case.
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Challenge1 - Quality Redesign 1 Running Head: REDESIGN FOR...

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