CeremonialSpeech - "There's No Place Like Home."...

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“There’s No Place Like Home. ..” Michele Maciejewski December 12, 2007 Dorothea is on a journey in the story “The Wizard of Oz.” 1 She is a small-town girl who longs to escape to a new world away from her problems. She has a family who loves her but the negative influences in her life seem to outweigh the good. Dorothea’s wish to leave is granted and she lands herself in Oz. Oz is a beautiful land full of new places and friends. Here, Dorothea makes her way along the “yellow brick road.” However, as time passes, she realizes that the home she grew to love and the people she has left behind 1 The Wizard of Oz. Dir. Victor Fleming. Perfs. Judy Garland, Frank Morgan. Film. Metro- Goldwyn-Mayer, 1939.
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are meant to be part of her life. Diane Lynch is Ithaca College’s Dorothea. Diane has been our Dean since 2004 and has had a great career these past few years. However, she still dreamed of other opportunities outside of the school. Dean Lynch’s experience at Ithaca has not been bad
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CeremonialSpeech - "There's No Place Like Home."...

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