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Exam 4 review - Geology 1010-002 Instructor Flowers Tuesday...

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Geology 1010-002, Instructor: Flowers Tuesday, December 18, 2007, 7:30 – 10:30 A.M.; BESC 180 EXAM #4 IS CUMULATIVE!!! This review sheet only covers the last quarter of the course. Use the three previous exam review sheets to help study for the previous material. Be sure to review the Homework Questions and Clicker Questions too. Chapter 16 – Running Water Some key terms or ideas: Drainage basin - The geographical area draining into particular stretch of river, lake, or reservoir drainage divide - Marks the edge of two adjacent drainage basins. water falls on one side water goes into the basin, water falls on other side water goes other way to different basin. Ex: Continental Divide channel gradient - Gradient= run/ rise. Slope of the channel. Higher gradient = higher velocity. channel shape - affect flow velocity due to drag/ friction channel size - increases down stream channel roughness - decreases down stream. longitudinal profile - gradient decreases downstream discharge - volume of water moving through a cross section a stream per unit time (m^3/s, Feet^3/s or cfs) laminar flow - smooth flow lines, lower velocity, shallow channel turbulent flow - rough flow lines, high velocity, deep channel channel abrasion - carried sediments erode streambeds dissolved load - in solution suspended load - in suspension bed load - materials carried along the bottom of stream traction - large particles (boulders, cobbles), travel along the streambed, rolling, sliding or dragging. saltation - medium particles (sands), leap, and bounce fluvial bars - decrease discharge alluvial fan - decrease slope, decrease water depth delta - location of significant sedimentation where the river meets the ocean (decreased velocity results in deposition) meandering stream - gentle gradients, fine-grained alluvium (suspended load)
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braided stream - many channels, lots of sediment. Relatively uncommon. Common in deserts, glacial regions, and mountainous regions. Sediment supply is greater than amount stream can support. point bar - develops where flow is slower, inner bend cut bank - develops where flow is faster, outer bend meander cutoff - form when a new, shorter channel is cut through the narrow neck of a meander oxbow lake - cutoff sections of a meandering river that form lakes floodplain - broad strips of land built up by sedimentation natural levee - raised banks along the channel down - cutting - deepening a valley by erosion of the streambed v - shaped valley
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