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ex phys lab 9 - Wendy Cao 12/6/07 Post Lab 9 Exercise...

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Wendy Cao 12/6/07 Post Lab 9 Exercise Physiology Lab 2 Title: Graded Exercise Test Purpose: The purpose of this lab is to determine my anaerobic threshold and evaluate changes in the work done by my body using an exercise protocol using the treadmill, either the Bruce or the Balke-Naughton test, which would reflect the changes. Method Equipment: The following equipment will be needed for the lab: 1) Treadmill 2) BP Cuff 3) Mouth Piece and nose plug 4) Metabolic Cart 5) Heart rate monitor 6) Stethoscope 7) RPE chart Exercise protocol: 1) Before starting the test, appropriate running attire is required. Make sure the exercise protocol is designed to a graded exercise test. The GXT should be incremental, use large muscle groups, and should allow the subject to reach max heart rate in 12-15 minutes. 2) Take pre test heart rate and blood pressure while in standing position 3) Hook subject up to metabolic cart 4) At every two minutes, enter the heart rate and RPE into the computer and increase the grade as prescribed for the protocol 5) Take blood pressure every 1-2 minutes during exercise 6) Continue test until subject reaches at least 85%-90% of heart rate max, which is 220 – age. 7) Upon the end of the test, turn the treadmill to a pace that is slow enough for a
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ex phys lab 9 - Wendy Cao 12/6/07 Post Lab 9 Exercise...

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