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Graham Corrigan 11/7/07 AMST230 Outline: Research Paper: Cult Film --How do cult films come to fruition? --Definition of “cult success?” --Examine 2/3 examples, their rise, what makes them work? - Donnie Darko -Fight Club -Memento When fans take over the film, the place is solidified in cult culture. See: Rocky Horror, Donnie Darko --Compare time periods/culture. (Easy Rider vs. Memento vs. Rocky Horror)
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Unformatted text preview: , why some films are more popular in different countries.--B-films as “public predecessors” to cult films--Is a cult film born or created? --Born: ATHF, other niche movies--Implications of “cult”--Budget?--Midnight Movies ( Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, Jesse James meets Frankenstein’s Monster ) vs. Cult Films (Mad Max, Blade Runner)--Cult films are made for endless viewing...
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