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FRENCH 171 QUIZ I REVIEW SHEET. First principle: no panic, no anguish, but come to class, and do the reading. On the whole, you should be familiar with the main arguments and themes: •What is French universalism? What is “modernity”? What is the importance of the French Revolution in terms of defining the “French exception”? What is the “Old Regime” versus “ The Republic? How does a nation – France in this particular case – “take shape”? How does the French Empire and then the French republic create its “Others” or “outsiders”? Who are these “Others”? This is essentially what session I covered and which we have been coming back to throughout. •You should be familiar with the basic chronology: Second Empire, Third Republic and what occurs within these large chronological divisions. •The rest is names and events that we have covered together in class. Some examples:
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Unformatted text preview: (this list is meant to help you; IT IS IN NO WAY EXAUSTIVE)-Baron Haussman; universal fairs; Gustave Courbet; Burial at ornans; Impressionism; Cabanel; Manet; Louis Leroy; the Academy; the academic style; the Salon; Emile Zola; Nana; Charles Baudelaire; the Bivre river; Picasso; the figure of the prostitute; the Commune; Louise Michel. The following indicates the readings that are covered in the quiz, as well as the viewings: 1/22.Introduction I. Some Common Stereotypes National Lampoons European Vacation . Excerpt (Paris segment) 1 /24. Textbook: pp. 2-8; 11-23; 26-40; 43-68 ; [NOT COVERED: 102-107] 1/29. Textbook: pp. 23-26; 70-87; [NOT COVERED: 107-111 ] Art of the Western World: Realism and Impressionism 1/31. Textbook: 89-102; 113-114; 135-140 Art of the Western World: Cubism; My Fathers Glory (First day at School: October 1, 1900)...
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