Guidelines+Final - (the film The Battle of Algiers is...

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FRENCH 169. FINAL EXAMINATION. MAY 2008 GUIDELINES. Date/time/place : Tuesday, May 6 3:30-5:30 Arjona 105 The material for the exam is : from 1944 to 2008; that is, from the liberation of France to the election of Nicolas Sarkozy to the presidency. In terms of the syllabus, the dates are : 2/28 to 5/1. The corresponding pages in the book are 205 to 402 (chapters 6 to 12). You are not responsible for all the pages in those chapters, only those that are indicated in the syllabus. •Some of the large topics that you should cover : -The liberation and the “épuration” or “cleansing” -Decolonization and the Algerian war in particular
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Unformatted text preview: (the film The Battle of Algiers is included).-The 30 glorious yeas and modernization-May 68 and its aftermath-The years after de Gaulle but before Mitterand (1969-1981)-The Sot Years (1981-1995)-The Chirac Years (1995-2006). The Sarkozy presidency was briefly covered in class at the last session. Each of these larger topics includes a number of more detailed issues and people that you should be familiar with . Format (once again, and in writing): 10 identifications (3 points each = 30 points) 10 multiple choice (2 points each = 20 points) 3 essays (50 points)...
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Guidelines+Final - (the film The Battle of Algiers is...

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