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Luttwak - -“Unless insurgents confine their operations to...

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Dead End: Counterinsurgency warfare as military malpractice – Edward N. Luttwak - For advanced countries not willing to risk their youth, aerial and naval battles are preferred. “That, however, is bound to cost casualties that might not be tolerated; it is also bound to provoke an insurgency” (33) - Mattis and Petraeus presented a counterinsurgency field manual, FM 3-24 DRAFT (34) - Diverse dictatorships around the world indicate that a “government needs no popular support as long as it can secure obedience” (34) - Religious leaders in Afghanistan and Iraq have been telling the people that Americans and their Christian allies are going to destroy Islam and steal their oil. The people believe them. (35) - Counterintelligence can be very difficult because of traitors and infiltration, but there is a difference between a traitor or two and the recruitment of enemies (36) - The U.S. military has an unwillingness to invest in the future and a lack of disciplined volunteers willing to learn languages (37)
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Unformatted text preview: -“Unless insurgents confine their operations to thoroughly deserted areas where there is no one to observe them, they must have at least the passive cooperation of local inhabitants” They control the local population (38)-“But in practice, unless insurgents carry recognizable weapons, it is simply impossible to differentiate between them and innocent people going about their peaceful business” (39)-Locals can be intimidated or threatened into revealing the insurgents (40)-“Occupiers can thus be successful without need of any specialized counterinsurgency methods or tactics if they are willing to out-terrorize the insurgents, so that the fear of reprisals outweighs the desire to help the insurgents or their threats” (40-42)-“Consequently, for all the real talent manifest in the writing of FM 3-24 DRAFT, its prescriptions are in the end of little or no use and amount to a kind of malpractice” (42)-...
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