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FRENCH 169. REVIEW SHEET. QUIZ 2. As announced: the material to be covered is the material since quiz 1; several questions taken from quiz 1 will also reappear in quiz 2. The following – taken from the syllabus -- indicates the readings that are covered in the quiz, as well as the viewings: 2/5. Textbook: 111-113; 117-125; 140-141. Early cinema: Lumière and Méliès 2/7. Textbook: 154-165. Stanley Kubrick Paths of Glory 2/12 Posted document Stanley Kubrick: Paths of Glory 2/14. Textbook: pp. 167-180 Alan Rudolph: The Moderns Some names and topics (this list is not exhaustive ) : -Figure of the prostitute in painting and literature0 -Guy de Maupassant and “Boule de Suif “(“Butterball”) He is one of the fathers of the modern short story. French writer noted especially for his short stories (1850-1893). “boule de Suif” was Maupassant's first piece of short fiction set during the Franco- Prussian War , and was followed by short stories such as " Deux Amis ," " Mother Savage ," and " Mademoiselle Fifi ." -The Commune A self governing body made up mostly of merchants who formed independent fortified cities with their own laws and administration apart from the feudal and manorial systems. .made up of representatives from the Sections and as such was a radical force in the early 1790's. Immediately following Thermidor, many of these individuals were executed, and many of the Commune's functions taken over by national government. -Boulanger Affair 1889; the attempt by General Georges Boulanger to orchestrate his election to the presidency of France and establish a military dictatorship. He skillfully manipulated the press and photo opportunities to endear himself to the agrarian poor of France, while maintaining his base of support among conservatives. Still, the coup attempt failed when he did not receive enough votes. -Dreyfus Affair
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Quiz+2+review+sheet - FRENCH 169. REVIEW SHEET. QUIZ 2. As...

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