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Abstract The objective of this lab is to react and alcohol with acid to create alkene products. Then, use GC to characterize the products. 2-butanol was reacted with sulfuric acid in heated conditions. The product was collected in gas form. The product was then put through a gas chromatograph to separate the products and give an idea of the percentage yield of each product The GC showed three peaks of varying areas. The first peak, 1-butene, had an area of .045cm 2 and a retention time of 2.4 minutes. The second peak, trans 2-butene, had an area of .77cm 2 and a retention time
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Unformatted text preview: of 2.8 minutes. The third peak, cis 2-butene, had an area of .664 cm 2 and a retention time of 3.3 minutes. These results show that 2-butene is the major product of this elimination reaction. Procedure A small spin vane and 2-butanol (.2ml, 2.2mmol) is added to sulfuric acid/phosphoric acid (.3ml) in a 3 ml conical vial. The vial is attached to an S-tube and gas collecting apparatus. The mixture is stirred and heated to 110 o C or until it boils. The gaseous product is collected in an air condenser tube. The collected product is used to run a GC ....
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