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Chapter one of “How the Garcia Girls Lost Their accents” starts off with Yolanda visiting her family in the Dominican Republic after five years. Yolanda describes herself as dressing shabby with unkept hair and thinks her cousins will most likely refer to her as a missionary. In the chapter they describe Yolanda’s family as well dressed and with the references about maids and chauffeurs one would assume her family was upper class. One of her cousins is described as a “Dominican magazine model” and the others dressed in bright jumpsuits and dresses. Yolanda seems to be self-conscious of herself. Yet, at the same time she is very observant.When Yolanda and her family discuss about taking one of their vehicles instead of a bus, she doesn’t want to be an inconvenience to anyone and states that she can take care of herself. Following that statement, she also asks about troubles that are being spoke of. After reading that part of the chapter I can describe Yolanda as not wanting to take advantage of others,
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