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application paper

application paper - February 18th Matthew 4:4 As of late I...

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February 18 th Matthew 4:4 As of late I have had a real struggle finding time to read my scriptures and apply the verses into my life. With my busy school schedule and work schedule I have had a hard time finding a good time to do my scripture study. I decided on this scripture because it reminds me of the scripture in 2 nd Nephi 32:3 which is one of my favorite scriptures. Not that I wasn’t doing scripture study at all but it was always just a rush and was usually for assignments in my religion classes thus it was not personal. I know an explanation of just the fact that my days went by smoother will not do but I do want to say that they honestly went smoother. At first it was still hard for me to set aside a time so I decided it would be good to do it before I studied anything else. After I started doing this my study habits were more effective and I didn’t get discouraged as I studied school for long hours. Also I started to find others ways to improve myself through reading the scriptures. One experience I had was while reading in the doctrine in covenants I felt impressed by a verse that talked about ceasing to be idle in D&C 88:124. It impressed me because I realized that I wasn’t making enough time to do my school work and my scripture study because I was wasting my time with other things that were not the best choice. That next Sunday in church we talked about a talk by Dallin H. Oaks called “Good, Better, Best” this reinforced the fact that the best thing to do with my time was to study the scriptures and do school work not idle away my time with T.V. or the internet. I was so grateful for the lord in reassuring that my decision to study the scriptures was a right one and that not only my spirituality would increase but my school studies as well.
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