Consumer Behavior Notes (unit 2)

Consumer Behavior Notes (unit 2) - Consumer Behavior, Unit...

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Unformatted text preview: Consumer Behavior, Unit 2 04/10/2007 14:00:00 Framing Video: using words that resonate with public. Right name make public follow issue Electronically measured which words are more powerful Estate tax... now called death tax. Clarification- estate sounds wealthy, death sounds sadwho do you want to tax. War in Iraqbetter War on Terror Global Climate Change vs. Global Warming Fits under Peripheral route of persuasion or change- people who just hear the words are affected differently. Also can work as Central because once they use a word, it will cause people to pay attention and become emotionally attached to the issue. Quarter Pounder vs. 4 ouncer one sounds Diesel, one sounds Paba Personal Selling SPIN Selling- by Neil Rackham Successful sales people ask questions, instead of talking the whole time They ask the right questions. o Situation Questions Ask to learn about current situation of people Dont ask too many Customer is just giving you information doesnt benefit them at all o Problem Questions Asking the customers about problems, difficulties, or dissatisfactions they may have Especially good for small sale, used in successful sales. Asked more by experienced sales people. For Big ticket sales, you have to embellish that problem to make it sound worse o Implication questions About the effects , consequences, or implications of the customers problems. Strongly related to success in larger sales. Sales people find these harder to ask than the previous Framing as a loss o Need-Payoff Questions Take implications, and flip them Then just frame it as a gain, how would they benefit if they...
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Consumer Behavior Notes (unit 2) - Consumer Behavior, Unit...

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