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Final Exam Study Sheet

Final Exam Study Sheet - Ancient Greece Ancient Rome...

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THEA 1206 Theatre Appreciation Dr. Roark Final Exam Study Sheet EAT Vocabulary Colorblind casting Declamatory acting Experimental Play Happening Method acting Multiculturalism Off Broadway Off-Off-Broadway Theatre of the Absurd Theatre of Cruelty Theatre of Identity Theatre of Protest People (from lecture): Important individuals discussed such as: Aristotle Antonin Artaud John Cage Auguste Comte Karen Finley Bill Irwin Filipo Marinetti Linda Montano Tristan Tzara Staging Design tool boxes Stage positions (upstage, downstage, etc.)- diagram Types of stage (proscenium, thrust, arena, flexible) Unique Staging Practices For:
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Unformatted text preview: Ancient Greece Ancient Rome Medieval Europe Classical Eastern (Noh, Sanskrit, etc.) Neoclassical France Elizabethan England Siglo de Oro Spain Romanticism Naturalism Realism Anti-Realist Modernisms (symbolism, futurism, dada, surrealism, Absurdism) Musicals Performance Art Double Bind Plot points characters Comic “levels” (physical, social, linguistic) Comic devices Roman staging conventions Images Be able to identify images from various lectures: Theatre architecture Specific styles of theatre Specific examples of theatre (such as the musicals)...
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