library scavenger hunt

library scavenger hunt - gigabyte of important copies on...

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1. Nick 2. Donald Trump; Millionaire Mindset 3. The Marriage of Figaro 4. 10 Cents 5. Harvard Law Review 1902, Harvard Library Review, Harvard Medical Review 6. Esquire, Home and Garden, GQ
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The Trinity , Phillip Butin (my uncle)You have to find someone with YOUR last name, not mine 7. 8. Maurice Hunt is the dean of the English department at Baylor 9. Basketball, 796.32 M6325B 10. Library of Congress American Memory Site 11. Academic search complete, AGRICOLA(Online: EBSCO Publishing (Firm)), Alt HealthWatch (Online: Ebsco Publishing (Firm)), ATLA religion database with ATLASerials (Online) 12.International Financial Statistics, Business and company resource center, JSTOR (Online) 13. American National biography (Online), Biography and genealogy master index, (Online) 14. It is a network file storage system which allows you to store up to 1
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Unformatted text preview: gigabyte of important copies on the network which you can access anywhere. 15.,, 16. It is an internet based plagiarism detection service which scans uploaded work from students. Teachers use it to detect plagiarism. 17. RefWorks is a web based citation manager which retrives and formats bibliographic information. To get started using the program you must sign up on the website and upload all of your research, Refworks then compiles the documents and reformats the bibliography to fit a predetermined format. 18. Yes, the garden level at Moody is open 24 hours. You can call one of the Baylor walking services and they will escort you back to your dorm....
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library scavenger hunt - gigabyte of important copies on...

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