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Shakespeare Englis1 - Shakespeare English-The Taming of the...

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The Taming of the Shrew Induction is in England Play is in Italy-to make sure people aren’t offended by the play so they set it in a far away country. Home of the Renaissance. And the countries climate. Shakespeare displays England as a brute medieval place because all they do is hunt drink and check out the chick In Italy people are smart and cultured -You could almost say Kate is from England and Bianca is from Italy. Lucentio is Italy Petrucio is from England Christopher Sly kept saying his name to confirm his identity when he didn’t believe he was royalty Deception – fooling a person into believing something that isn’t real. Lucentia uses his knowledge to get a woman instead of using it for what he originally intended. He deceives himself. A boy convinces Sly that he is a girl “Page” What looks to be problematic is really good deep down, whereas at first appearance the good relationship is actually deep down destructive. Kate is a woman who wants to control her own life. “She will beat the hell outta them” the socialization process hasn’t really stuck she is kinda a tomboy. Kate is jealous of Bianca. She wants to be the “evil” star. Duty and inclination clash – I have to behave n a certain way but I want to behave my way cause I am a
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Shakespeare Englis1 - Shakespeare English-The Taming of the...

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