Mkt 337 Syllabus Fall 8-21-07

Mkt 337 Syllabus Fall 8-21-07 - 1 Marketing 337 Principles...

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August 21, 2007 1 Marketing 337 Principles of Marketing Fall 2007 Instructor: Prof. Leigh McAlister Ed and Molly Smith Chair of Business Administration Office Hrs: M/W 3:30 – 5:00 and by appointment Office: CBA 7.228 e-mail: [email protected] Class: 04885 M/W 2:00 – 3:15 UTC 4.132 TA: Dae-Yong Ahn ( [email protected] ) Office Hours: M/W 3:30-4:30 Office: CBA 5.324e Additional TA Support: Morgan Ward ( [email protected] ) Office Hours: M/Th 2:30-3:30 and by appointment Office: CBA 5.324e Leonardo Nicolao ( [email protected] ) Office Hours: W/Th 1-2 and by appointment Office: CBA 5.324e Textbook and Required Readings Marketing , 8 th Edition; by Kerin, Hartley, Berkowitz, and Rudelius; published by Irwin/McGraw Hill (ISBN = 0073080152). Do not try to get by with the 7 th edition. Copies of the 8 th edition are on reserve in the Perry-Castañeda Library. The required business press readings packet is available in the business school copy center. Course Objectives 1. You will understand the role of marketing within society and within an economic system. 2. You will learn the vital role of marketing within a firm and the necessary relationships between marketing and the other functional areas of business. 3. You will consider the various decision areas within marketing and the tools and methods used by marketing managers for making decisions. 4. You will learn key marketing principles and terminology. Because this is a survey course, there is an emphasis on basic terminology and concepts. 5. You will appreciate how a marketing perspective is important in your own personal and professional development.
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August 21, 2007 2 Class Format and Policies Class sessions will include lectures, guest speakers, discussion of text and business press articles, in class exercises and other activities and films. The class sessions will be based on content from the textbook and on business press articles in the required readings packet. Class participation will be graded. I expect you to conduct yourselves professionally. This includes arriving to class on time; turning off your computers, cell phones, Blackberries, etc., during the class sessions; refraining from conducting personal conversations during class and generally being respectful to your classmates and your instructor. If you must miss a class, it is your responsibility to contact a classmate for missed notes or other announcements. Grading You will be evaluated on the basis of four tests, an optional final, and class participation. Tests will cover assigned chapters, assigned business press articles, class exercises, class discussions and guest speakers. Each of the four tests given during the semester will consist of multiple choice
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Mkt 337 Syllabus Fall 8-21-07 - 1 Marketing 337 Principles...

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