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first exam review - milk goes sour 19. c shooting off...

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Sheet1 Page 1 physical or chemical change? boiling water 1. p digesting food 2. c soda goes "flat" 3. p shooting a rubber band 4. p grilling a hamburger 5. c adding sugar to your tea 6. both adding lemon to your tea 7. c mowing the grass 8. p the smell of perfume "wafts" across the room 9. p candle wax melts 10. p breaking glass 11. p making cement 12. c lighting a match 13. c LED display glows in the dark 14. p firefly glows in the dark 15. c snow disappears without melting 16. p bleaching your hair 17. c turning on a lightbulb 18. p
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Unformatted text preview: milk goes sour 19. c shooting off fireworks 20. c element, compound, or mixture (homo-/hetero-)? salt 1. c block of iron 2. e glass of cola 3. ho-m mercury in a thermometer 4. e ice 5. c vinegar and oil 6. he-m copper wire 7. e earth's atmosphere, when dusty 8. he-m earth's atmosphere, when dust-free 9. ho-m rust 10. c brass 11. ho-m aluminum foil 12. e homogenized milk 13. ho-m sugar 14. c sugar water 15. ho-m sandy water 16. he-m neon gas in a neon sign 17. e blood 18. he-m...
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