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Unformatted text preview: Animal and Human Studies Bio 001 Outline Review: Scientific Method Bioethics Animal vs. Human Research Humans in Research Review: Bioethics Bioethics: the interface of biology and ethics, involving philosophy Bioethics is multidisciplinary Animal rights (including human rights) falls under bioethics Animal vs. Human Research Animals cannot speak for themselves as humans can Both humans and animals have different attributes that make them better or less well suited in particular situations Some experiments that are controversial or inappropriate in humans are less so in animals Key Ideas The Institutional Review Board (IRB) A group of scientists who preview and monitor human research IRB has two main goals: CONFIDENTIALITY and PROTECTION of all human subjects (living or not) SAFETY of both the subjects and the experimenters Steps to Success: Proposing an Experiment 1. Do background research 2. Propose project to IRB 3. Obtain permission to conduct project Steps to Success: Initiating the Experiment 1. Prepare instructional materials and briefing for potential subjects 2. ... 3. ... 4. Exclude/include based on predetermined criteria 5. Obtain informed consent and any relevant information release forms Steps to Success: Performing the Experiment 1. Prep subject for experiment 2. Subjects may withdraw at ANY TIME with NO ADVERSE CONSEQUENCES 3. Collect data SUBJECT COMES FIRST 4. Debrief subject at conclusion Steps to Success: Wrapping Things Up 1. ... 2. ... 3. Follow up with subjects 4. Publicize data while maintaining subject confidentiality ...
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