Test 1 review

Test 1 review - Organizational Behavior study of factors...

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Organizational Behavior- study of factors that affect how individuals and groups act in  organizations Levels of Analysis- Individual, groups and teams, Organizational processes Management Functions- The Four Pillars  Plan-Where do you want to be in the future Organize- assigning tasks grouping tasks Lead- use of influence to motivate employees Control- monitoring employee’s activities Managerial Skills- (diagram) Conceptual- ability to diagnose and analyze complex situations Human- work well with others Technical- job specific knowledge Systems terminology- Homeostasis, Entropy- loss of information, Equifinality- can reach end by  different  means, Dynamic Equilibrium, Negative Entropy, Synergy.  Contingency Theory- p. 2 Type A/Type B- A=intense and competitive    B=easygoing Scientific Management- Frederic Winslow Taylor- Father of Scientific Mgmt.- Taylorism One best way to accomplish tasks Cheaper by the Dozen Theory X- Workers are lazy and dislike work and need to be micromanaged  Theory Y- Workers want to work hard and need a comfortable environment Employed out of the home women- THE sociological event of this century. Eli Crinsberg-  movement of  women in the workspace.  MTF/LTL- More than friends/less than lovers
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Absenteeism-  Age- Young and old are the most absent. Parabolic graph concave up Sex- women miss more days Alcoholism- miss 2-4 more times than non-drinkers Worst month=February Turnover- permanent loss of an employee.  Quit, Death, Retire, Fire Complex issue- many different factors playing into the reason 
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Test 1 review - Organizational Behavior study of factors...

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