Test 2 review

Test 2 review - Herzberg's Duality Theory Motivators and...

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Herzberg’s Duality Theory- Motivators and Dissatisfiers Motivators- Advancement, the work itself, growth Dissatisfiers- rules, salary, status, security Maslow’s Hierarchy- p. 13 diagram Mclelland- 3 needs.  Achievement, Power, and Affiliation - Needs are acquired, not inherited Thematic Apperception Test (TAT)- make up a story to go with a picture Expectancy Theory- p.15 Effort   Performance   Rewards Expectancy- effort will result in better performance Instrumentality- Belief that better performance will bring rewards Valence- How badly a person wants a specific award Equity Theory- fairness in social exchanges. i.e. one line at the post office - Balancing inputs and outcomes - (Inputs of self/Outcomes of self) = (Input of others/outcomes of others) Ways to restore equity- alter your inputs by doing less, don’t compare yourself to the star Alderfer’s Theory- 3 needs   Existence, Relatedness, Growth - Does not assume there is a hierarchy - Frustration of higher needs creates desire for lower needs Procedural/Distributive Justice-  Distributive Justice- Got what you wanted Procedural Justice- Got it in the right way
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Job enlargement, enrichment, rotation Enlargement- Horizontal loading       Variety Enrichment- Vertical loading      Plan-Do-Control
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Test 2 review - Herzberg's Duality Theory Motivators and...

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