HW Weeks 1.2.3 - HW for Weeks 1,2 3 Ch 1 Intro to...

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2/11/08 Ch. 1 – Intro to Construction Safety 1) Complying with OSHA standards will not eliminate all injuries at a job site. Construction is a dangerous industry; there will always be some hazards such as falls, electrocutions, cave-ins, and falling objects. Complying with OSHA will provide less of a hazard, and a safer working environment. Ch. 2 – Safety Program Essentials 6) An SH&E evaluation should be conducted regularly and within each phase of the construction project and involve everyone in the company. This should be done because the SH&E hazards differ from trade to trade and each task can have a special hazard, or uncontrolled hazard. Ch. 9 – Prejob/Pretask Planning 3) To help trades think safety, often time’s reward incentives are used to make them aware of the importance of an injury free job. The longer time without an injury the higher the reward. You could give away cloths with safety award printing on them, or meal incentives. Ch. 5 – Consolidated Insurance Programs 3) There are two primary reasons for implementing a CIP program. There is a large economic advantage to purchasing a large volume of coverage. The cost savings are important but a CIP can also provide a broader insurance limit for all the subcontractors on the project, reduce cross-litigation, and increase uniformity of safety efforts, compliance, and oversight. Ch. 12 – Multi-Employer Work Site Issues 1) On a multiemployer work site, more than one employer may be cited for a hazardous condition that violates an OSHA standard. The CSHO must determine if the employer is a creating, exposing, correcting, or controlling employer. Then they determine if the employer’s actions were sufficient to meet those obligations under the OSH Act. 5) The creating employer: Caused a hazardous condition that violates an OSHA standard. The exposing employer: There own employees are exposed to the hazard.
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HW Weeks 1.2.3 - HW for Weeks 1,2 3 Ch 1 Intro to...

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