Safety HW Weeks 4.5 - 2/25/08 Week 4 & 5 HW Ch. 10 –...

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2/25/08 Ch. 10 – Accident Investigation/Reconstruction 2) Accident reduction will benefit a company. There are both financial and personnel reasons for this. The cost of accidents is enormous. In 1982, it was reported that occupational accidents in general cost over $30 billion. There were also around 4000 work related fatalities, and over 4.9 million occupational related injuries in the US. These numbers have only climbed in recent years. When people get hurt on the job, the employer must dish out thousands, and sometimes millions of dollars to the injured employee. They get sued or their insurance goes up. It is very costly to be unsafe. It pays very well to protect your workers on your site and make sure they are working properly and safely. Also, workers getting hurt, or killed is way too common. It is a tragedy every time it happens. Companies will have a very bad reputation, as well as might go under if they have a slot of accidents on their sites. 3) A lot of information is collected by the accident reconstructionist following an accident. This information is pretty in depth in order to find out who was at fault and exactly what happened. They go into detail into things such as: The history of the injured worker: When was he hired?, Who hired him?, What task was he hired to perform?, How long was he employed?, Was he new to the company? Was training provided?, etc. The circumstances surrounding the accident: Why was his client there?, Who was the supervisor?, Did the employer conduct daily safety meetings?, etc. The company (contractor and/or subcontractor) history and practice:
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Safety HW Weeks 4.5 - 2/25/08 Week 4 & 5 HW Ch. 10 –...

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