HW wk 7 - 4/7/08 Construction Safety & Risk Mgmt...

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4/7/08 CCEV-625-03 Ch. 25 – Confined Spaces 1. In confined space entry, the primary hazards are chemicals hazards, stored energy hazards, physical hazards, and entrapment or restraint of movement. An example of a chemical hazard would be that there are chemicals stored in the confined space. These chemicals would damage the brain. A way of preventing this hazard would be to send some sort of camera in, or know what is in the space, before entering into a dangerous situation. A physical hazard would be something like an extreme temperature situation. You could avoid this hazard by making sure that the conditions are safe for a human to enter before going in. An entrapment or restraint of movement hazard would be if you went in, and could not get out quickly enough after the operation in the space was done. To avoid this hazard a lifeline, or some sort of harness could be worn, in order to assist the worker in getting out. A stored energy hazard could be if there were explosives, or
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HW wk 7 - 4/7/08 Construction Safety & Risk Mgmt...

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