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Logan Spring March 5, 2008 Journal Entry #10 Professor Wegman Love Thyself HPE 112 Music Music has been one of the largest and most popular forms of release for as long at music has been created. Not only is it used as a release by the creators of the sound, but also for the people whom have the pleasure of hearing such a beautiful tune. Often times music is used to bring fantasies to life, and it has the ability to make your wildest dreams come true. In the past music has evolved unlike every other form of art. Music from the beginning of time is seldom appreciated, unlike other art forms. In the 19 th century music became one of the most popular and mainstream American hobbies. If you weren’t creating music, you were listening to it during meals, on radios, in cars (when they became main stream), live bands became extremely popular, and music became highly respected. Eventually music drifted away from its story telling roots, and moved on to love, and broken hearts. For the longest time this has been the topic of the majority of songs. It is
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