Comparison Contrast Essay (Final Draft)

Comparison Contrast Essay (Final Draft) - Dustin Habecker...

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Dustin Habecker ENGL112 Compare/Contrast Essay, Second Draft Professor Boran 12/6/07 It’s Your Choice Have you ever been without a job and countless bills to pay? You want to work for a company that isn’t too strict, but is serious when it comes to their job. Also, you need a job with stability and great pay. Well, it may be time for you to go out and look for that job! Perhaps a pizza place is good for you. I have personally worked for two different kinds of pizza restaurants, big and small. To all those aspiring to work at a particular pizza place, I will give you some suggestions on which type is right for you. When searching for the right type of pizza place, big or small, you need to take the pay, the amount of business, and the personalities of the employees into consideration. Starting off, the next place you may work for must have the pay that will fit your budget with some left over money for yourself. Whether you are a delivery driver, server, or manager, there is a difference in pay between the two kinds of pizza restaurants. With better known pizza places, the pay is better. At my current employer, Streets of New York, I make $5.50 an hour. This may not seem like much, but when you add in tips and
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Comparison Contrast Essay (Final Draft) - Dustin Habecker...

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