Summary-Response Essay (Final Draft)

Summary-Response Essay (Final Draft) - Dustin Habecker...

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Dustin Habecker ENGL112 Dream Machine Summary/Response Essay Final Draft Professor Boran 12/13/07 Imaginative Title for Some Essay As Will Wright says, “Watching someone play a game is a different experience than actually holding the controller and playing it yourself” (page 279). This quote refers to all non- gamers, including parents, who believe that games are just a waste of time. Most of them have never even played a game before, yet they still have these negative preconceptions. In “Dream Machines,” Wright is trying to promote video games as a beneficial source of knowledge to these non-gamers. Personally, I have been playing several different types of games my whole life. I am going to have to agree with everything that Wright said about games, gamers, and non-gamers. Wright states that games are the result of imagination and that they consist of rules and goals. The new generation (teenagers) has grown with different set of games. We use the scientific method rather than reading the manual first. Today, a game can be a person’s only place to express a high-level of creativity and growth. Beyond the criticisms most people throw at games, the games can help a person to grow mentally and learn to think on his or her own. Of
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Summary-Response Essay (Final Draft) - Dustin Habecker...

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