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Research Paper (Final Draft)

Research Paper (Final Draft) - Habecker 1 Dustin Habecker...

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Habecker 1 Dustin Habecker Professor Boran ENGL135 April 17, 2008 Why Should Marijuana Be Legalized? How many of us have been truly hurt from pot? I assume that not a significant amount has. Pot itself has never hurt anyone. The worse that has ever happened is someone causing an accident due to being high. Other than that, it is perfectly fine for someone to just try it, use it recreationally every once and a while, or be a lifelong pothead. I have known, and still do know, several potheads that have been smoking for a lifetime. Personally, I used to be a pothead through all of middle school. I have stopped since then, but when I was, I never experienced any problems. Therefore, I believe that marijuana should be legalized due to its success in Amsterdam and most of Europe, its many medicinal purposes, and its harmlessness. Obviously, my opposition is anyone who wants to keep marijuana illegal, either for medicinal or personal uses. Many scientists and doctors have found that marijuana, specifically “tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, produced temporary psychotic symptoms in people, including hallucinations and paranoid delusions” (Cheng 1). They say that long time use of marijuana can increase the likeliness of acquiring schizophrenia later in life. In addition, according to the University of Vermont’s College of Medicine, “21 percent of high school students who smoke pot regularly may face the same withdrawal symptoms as do adults trying to quit cigarettes, cocaine or other drugs” (Wasowicz 2). Marijuana opponents say that the drug has several other
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Habecker 2 negative effects when smoked or eaten, such as short-term memory loss, a loss of equilibrium, and the inability to determine right from wrong. “Investigators from Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center found college students who get drunk at least weekly are three times more likely to suffer injury and twice as likely to have unwanted sex as their more sober peers” (Wasowicz 1). She goes on to say that smoking marijuana is as rampant as drinking alcohol. In addition, Nadelmann states the following in his article in the National Review , “An End to Marijuana Prohibition: The drive to legalize picks up”: The federal government has spent billions of dollars on advertisements and anti-drug programs that preach the dangers of marijuana—that it’s a gateway drug, and addictive in its own right, and dramatically more potent than it used to be, and responsible for all sorts of physical and social diseases as well as international terrorism (2). The above shows how much the government has spent to prohibit the use of drugs in the United States. I have come to find that my opponents are basing their argument on a lack of evidence, ineffectiveness, and political propaganda. On the issue of how people are using pot, Potter says that they “aren’t yet able to have an informed debate…because some of the evidence just isn’t here” (2). Not too many studies have been conducted on the different ways that people smoke pot. They may use bongs, inhale for longer, eat it, et cetera. There are several different ways to
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