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guidelines - Research Paper The goal of the paper is to...

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Research Paper: The goal of the paper is to provide a short discussion of the Nobel Lecture delivered by Gary Becker (available on the D2L website). Most of what you need to know is contained in the Nobel Lecture and the background essay. Your paper should summarize the Nobel Lecture and explain its relationship to institutions and the development of civilization. For example, in what ways does the paper emphasize the importance of economic institutions to crime and punishment, increasing human capital and the functioning of the family? Mention both the formal and informal institutions that form the foundation for these characteristics of society. The paper should both summarize Becker’s contributions and compare his approach to other ways of looking at these institutions. The paper should have a cover sheet containing the title of the paper, your full name and the name of the course. The paper should be between six and ten (double- spaced) pages in length.
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