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womens studies paper - "Transgeneration" Essay Cathy J....

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“Transgeneration” Essay Cathy J. Cohen defines heteronormativity as the practices and institutions "that legitimize and privilege heterosexuality and heterosexual relationships as fundamental and “natural” within society.” From the film “Transgeneration” Gabby and Lucas both exemplify themselves to the sex they have chosen to be by following what they believe is “normal” in society. Lucas and Gabby throughout the film have many examples of how they challenge and reinforce heteronormativity in their life. Normative ideas are institutionalized because heterosexuality is normal and is a compulsory idea that no one challenges often. Lucas and Gabby both challenge and reinforce heteronormativity through culture, society, representation, daily acts, law, and religion. In our culture and society there is an idea that “ all heterosexuals are represented as dominant and controlling and all queers are understood as marginalized and invisible” (Cohen, 536) Lucas and Gabby both demonstrate how them being transgender is not heteronormativity and challenges how culture and society views them as being accepted. Gabby reinforces heteronormativity because she didn’t feel pressured to define herself. “Queer politics and much of queer theory seem in fact to be static in the understanding of race, class, and gender and their roles in how heteronormativity regulates sexual behavior and identities” (542). Gabby’s sex change she was finally free and could feel more accepted into society as a heterosexual woman, yet she was attracted to women still and not men. Gabby fully understands what she must do in society and in her culture to be fully accepted by them and the roles and sexual behavior and identities she must gain. Gabby made her self-very femine by decorating her dorm room in all pink and her wardrobe consists of all pink as well. Gabby challenges heteronormativity because she is
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a girl but also likes girls, which goes again societies idea of being heterosexual. Just by her liking women goes against the heteronormativity society and culture she lives in. Lucas reinforces heteronormativity because he looks like a man. He has facial
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womens studies paper - "Transgeneration" Essay Cathy J....

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