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4/3/05 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ IOM 435 - FIRST HANDS-ON OPPORTUNITY 4/03/05 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ - DUE SUNDAY @MIDNIGHT 4/18/05 - Hi Team, This first hands-on opportunity is intended to initiate you to the world of Structured Query Language (SQL), acquaint you with Oracle's SQL*Plus interface and introduce you to a few basic DDL (Data Definition Language) and data manipulation (DML) commands. All of these assignments will be provided to you via email and you may submit your responses via email at anytime prior to the due date/time. In order to handle the number of assignments I will receive , I ask that you put the text "435SQL1" in the message header (please type in the string exactly as shown with no spaces -- this will allow me to use mail filters to send the text to the appropriate folders on my system). Send your output to the following account: ********************************IMPORTANT****************************** SEND EMAL TO THIS ACCOUNT TO RECEIVE CREDIT [email protected] marshall.usc.edu ******************************************************************************* : If you wish to print off this message, you should use a non-proportional font like courier so that columns in the data will be preserved (proportional fonts will make it very difficult to determine columns in the sample data). USING ORACLE If you are using personal Oracle at home, you will need to install and initialize it. Once you have the database started, you may login. The default "guest" login account for any Oracle system is "scott" and the password is "tiger". When the login menu comes up, you would type: User Name: scott Password: tiger Host String: (leave Host String blank for a local login) Oracle at school Because I have connected and started the database on the server at school, you only need to login: User Name: ISD account Password: 999999999 Host String: iomclass.usc.edu IOM 435 - Business Database Systems Shook Spring 2005 Page 1
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4/3/05 (your ISD account is your UNIX and/or your USC email account; you need to replace the '99999999' with the password your created during the lab) WRITING YOUR SQL PROGRAM Please use the sample program in your SQL Handout as a model for how to write your SQL program for this assignment. I strongly recommend that you us a plain ascii editor (e.g., notepad, edit, e, pico, emacs, vi, kedit, etc.) to create your program. If you want to use word, or some other word processor, you must be certain that you save your program as an ascii text file, not as a word document (i.e., a *.doc file). If you start your program with drop table xxx commands (like the sample program) you will be able to run the program, fix bugs, and rerun again very easily. Once you have written the program, start Oracle, select the "File" option from the menu, select "open", type
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hw1_05spring_435 - Page 1-IOM 435 FIRST HANDS-ON...

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