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Biography Alex Frieden 10/17/05 Myers pd. 8 Samuel L. Clemens is Mark Twain A biography by Alex Frieden Mark Twain is a literary master, an American Icon, and a legend in his own right. He has lived the American dream to its fullest, emerging from humble beginnings to become one of this nation’s most prolific and noteworthy authors, philosophers, and humorists. Mark Twain was born Samuel Langhorne Clemens in Florida, Missouri on November 30, 1835. He was the son of Jane Clemens and John Marshall Clemens, a lawyer and merchant who moved his family to Florida to establish a business in hopes that it would one day be profitable after Florida became a metropolis. Twain’s name Samuel was a family name and his middle name was that of an old family friend. In his early years Sam was very weak yet somehow survived when his two stronger siblings Margaret and Benjamin did not. In 1839, after spending amny years in Florida, Judge Clemens, as Sam’s father was often called, decided to relocate his family to a new location: Hannibal, a little Mississippi river town where today’s Mark Twain grew up. The book Tom sawyer gives the world a look at what Hannibal was like in Mark Twain’s era. Sam’s schooling was short-lived and quite piecemeal. It ended abruptly in 1847, when his father died , leaving many debts and responsibilities to the four Clemens children. Sam’s eldest brother, Orion was a printer. His sister, Pamela was a musician who gave piano and guitar lessons to a number of pupils. Sam, the youngest was apprenticed to a printer by the name of Ament. His wages consisted of his board and clothes -- "more board than clothes,"-mark Twain once said (Paine, Albert B.). Later, in 1
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Biography Alex Frieden 10/17/05 Myers pd. 8 1850 Orion bought a small paper and Sam began working for him as a printer, occasionally as a writer. Samuel wrote, typically in his brother’s absence, some of the most entertaining and controversial articles ever to print in the Hannibal Journal. Sam’s high quality parodies really made the papers sell. It’s a wonder that he wasn’t recognized as a talented author at this point in his life. This was the beginning of his career as a writer but he realized that this dream was being circumscribed by his current setting in Missouri and decided to start his journey to find a new home. He stopped through St. Louis, New York, Philadelphia and Washington D.C., finding various employment along the way, until he ended up trekking out westward again. After Living and working in Keokuk and then Cincinnati Samuel took the steamer Paul Jones down the Mississippi river to New Orleans where he planned to set out for South America. Instead Clemens decided to become a steamboat pilot on the Mississippi. This newfound passion for the Mississippi and steamboats is described in his book Life on the Mississippi (Twain-1883). In the subsequent years Twain didn’t just become a pilot. He became one of the best and most trusted pilots on the entire river.
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Mark Twain Alex Frieden - Biography Alex Frieden Myers pd 8...

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