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Unformatted text preview: What If We Had Not Invaded Iraq? If we had not invaded Iraq: 1) Saddam would still be in power . Southern Iraq would have virtually no electrical power. Southern Iraq's hospitals would have no running water, and virtually no electrical power, as they did when we went in. Many more thousands of Innocent Iraqis would be dying than are dying now. 10,000 alone disappeared into his jails each year, never to be seen again, and one can only guess at the hundreds of thousands of people who were dying in the south each year from no water, no electricity and no hospitals. The Marsh Arabs would be extinct and the ecological destruction of the marshes would be completed. The sanctions would have been removed. Saddam would now be free to sell his oil at $60.00 a barrel prices. What would he do with the money? Probably buy more weapons from the Chinese and other countries. Probably make a deal with various countries, including the Chinese, to get his oil out of the ground....
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